1. Ginger Tea:*Combats stomach discomfort (nausea)*Promotes smooth digestion*Boosts immunity
Chamomile Tea:*Acts as a sleep remedy to relieve insomnia*Relieves stress*Relieves menstrual cramps*Boosts immunity*Promotes smooth digestion
Green Tea:*Powerful antioxidant*Caffeine gives energy boost*Helps with weight loss*Boosts immunity
Chai Tea:*Caffeine gives energy boost*Soothes stomach discomfort (nausea)*Digestive aid*Antioxidant
Oolong Tea:*Helps to burn fat*Antioxidant*Helps with break outs
Peppermint Tea:*Helps with headaches*Improves digestion*Eases upset stomach (nausea)*Eases muscle aches and pains*Helps ease gas and flatulence*Relieves stress

    Ginger Tea:
    *Combats stomach discomfort (nausea)
    *Promotes smooth digestion
    *Boosts immunity

    Chamomile Tea:
    *Acts as a sleep remedy to relieve insomnia
    *Relieves stress
    *Relieves menstrual cramps
    *Boosts immunity
    *Promotes smooth digestion

    Green Tea:
    *Powerful antioxidant
    *Caffeine gives energy boost
    *Helps with weight loss
    *Boosts immunity

    Chai Tea:
    *Caffeine gives energy boost
    *Soothes stomach discomfort (nausea)
    *Digestive aid

    Oolong Tea:
    *Helps to burn fat
    *Helps with break outs

    Peppermint Tea:
    *Helps with headaches
    *Improves digestion
    *Eases upset stomach (nausea)
    *Eases muscle aches and pains
    *Helps ease gas and flatulence
    *Relieves stress

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