1. Time of year for Neil Young Harvest Album

    Charles Bradley (feat. Menahan Street Band) - Heart of Gold (by DaptoneRecords)


  2. "I used to think I was the strangest person in the world…"

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  3. On this week’s episode of 25G we answer some questions, discuss Spike Jonze’s Her trailer and our distaste for ScarJo, our take on Afrocentricism, Beyonce’s earth-shattering haircut (and the Miley Cyrus fuckery attached to it), The Sapphires American DVD cover debacle, Issa Rae getting her own HBO show yasss, and our thoughts on Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi’s casting, and if a POC should have been chosen instead.

  6. Fireman: It’s against the law to burn anything except trash in your own yard ma’am. 
    Bernadine: It is trash. 

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  7. Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (by Modular People)

  9. Mothers and Daughters-1

    MS Subbulakshmi (MS) was one of India’s most famous and celebrated singers. Her mother, Shanmugavadivu (note that the S in MS is her mother’s name) was a famous veena player. Pic 1 is of her mother, Pic 2 of MS playing her mother’s veena in 1945. 

    MS really seemed to love puff sleeve blouses, a number of her early photographs have her wearing the style.

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